Full Project – The problems of employee motivation and public sector performance

Full Project – The problems of employee motivation and public sector performance

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Generally, an employee bring into the business organization a set of wants that issued from his base need structure.


The satisfaction of these wants is in some extent with the control of the organization. People work in order to make money, feed their families well and enjoy better conditions of living, hence, if working will make them earn more than they normally do, especially when they have skill and energy to do so. Motivation implies the workers more committed to their study duty because of the hope of the income it will add to his regular salaries.


On various occasions, highly motivated people have achieved success despite the absence of good plans or effective organizational structure and of course the more highly motivated the subordinate, the less control is necessary to ensure that work will be executed.


However, motivation is not a substitute for planning organizing and controlling, motivating / implies that more power lies with subordinate who may resist direction in various ways.


The conceptualization is supported by Gellerman (1967: 163) who stressed that motivation can be understood in terms the environment influence to which people react that causes some one’s behaviour to change the federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri is regulated by the federal polytechnics act (cap 139) of 1979) the functions of the polytechnic as provided for in section 2.(I) of the act are as follows:

A     To provide full-time or part time

  1. In technology, applied science, commerce and management
  2. In such other field of applied learning relevant to the needs of the development of Nigeria in the areas of industrial and agricultural production of distribution and for research in the development and adoption as the council may from time to determine.


  1. To arrange conferences, seminars and study groups relative to the field of learning specified in paragraph of this sub section.


  1. To performed such function as in the opinion of the polytechnic conscious of objective for which the polytechnic was established.



The federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri started in 1978 as the college of technology, owerri. It was established by the Imo state government, through Edict No. 16 of April 1978.It look of at its temporary site at the premises of government technical college (GTC0 Owerri along Egbu road in the same year.


In 1981, the institution moved to its present and permanent located in Nekede, Owerri by Imo state government Edit No. 16 to the polytechnic Nekede, Owerri six year after, and precisely on 7th April, 1993 the federal government institution consequently, it was again renamed school performance. The following functions.




There is a general belief in the work environment that employees in federal polytechnic Nekede owned organization are not well motivated federal polytechnic Nekede charges of negligence leveled against management cumulating into incessant strikes, agitation, labourers and eventual low productivity evident in staff performance like lecturers in the state.


The above situation has even the more been brought into right by regular media reports of operational problem facing the staff motivation but it is regrettable that there has not been any academic investigation into the causes of the problems that are apparently plunging the state untold negligence.


On the hand, since the employees represent the most relevant portion of the assets of the organization, there is need to probe into the welfare of the workers this will include an insight on the general performance given the situation existing in the various departments.


Consequently, the research project the researcher intends to find out why the employees in the organization are ill motivated or are dissatisfied in many occasions, they engage in some fraudulent practices determine to the interest of the organization due to low level motivation. Give the situation described above, the question that emanates is, how federal Polytechnic Nekede staff can be motivated.



  • To what extent can job and economic security enhance workers productivity
  • How can working conditions motivates workers and increase their performance
  • Do you think that motivation will crease productivity?
  • To what extent can opportunities advancement increase the workers out-put level?



The study will generally attempt to contribute to the solutions of motivations in the federal Polytechnic Nekede. Owerri but specifically.

  • To ascertain whether the supervisory style has any effect on motivation of staff of federal polytechnic Nekede.
  • Evaluate the performance of federal polytechnic staff in the contemporary working environment
  • Compare social responsibility practices of both high performing and low performing staff in the institution.
  • To find out whether highly motivated staff achieves success in the absence of good plans or organizational structure.
  • To find out whether organizational tools can lead staff to achieve greater out-put.




The study is to investigate motivation and its problem areas with particular reference to the state.

It is therefore expected that it will help the staff in small measure in providing solution to its motivational problems.


Academically, this study constitutes a contribution in the field of business studies especially as it studies motivation and performance in the institution. It helps to achieve performance and motivation, the study give the researcher the opportunity for know more about federal polytechnic Nekede staff and capacity.

A more descriptive definition would say “motivation” the willingness to do something and is conditioned by the need means some internal state that certain out-come appear attractive. An unsatisfied need creates tension, which drive generate a search behaviour to find particular goals that, if attained, satisfy the need and lead to the reduction of tension motivated employees are in a state of tension. Order to relieve this tension, they engage in activity.

The greater the tension, the greater the activity to bring about the relief therefore, when we see people working hard at some activity. We conclude that they perceive as  having value to them.


Motivation and employees performance is a vital tool for achieving organization goals in the public sector, it is easy for the manager to add a little incentive to motivate his workers for greater performance and higher productivity.


He makes more gain for his enterprises as well as to make his workers happier. Incentive include, extra hours at work, carloads which enhance the prestige and personality of the workers in families of the workers, job schedule exchange to eliminate burden etc.


Supporting this diea Urwick (1990) stated that employees are motivated by money or job that are enriched and self-actualization.


These are people who are actually motivated by such factors as education level of aspirations need to achieve the desire for autonomy and responsibility. Also MC Clelland (1964) says that some people have compelling drive succeed for the sake of success alone.

According to Hodgets (1977) motivation is a process of influencing or stimulating a person take action that will accomplish a desire goals needs can be satisfied by achieving organizational goals. It is observed that huge sum of money is spent every year by federal polytechnic Nekede Owerr, for the purpose of ensuring that workers are rewarded in order to achieve organizational goal. But whether it gets to people involved is another hard nut to crack.



The researcher has limited the study of eastern state comprising present in Imo state. The zone has been chosen stage of the investigation because of the researcher belief that the area in question represents the seat of the major organization.

The research could not carry out the investigation in all the department of federal polytechnic in all the department of federal polytechnic. Therefore, limit the work to Business administration and management department. The determining feature in carrying out this survey in all department offices in the whole federal polytechnic to the lectural commitment to the student. It will cost and length of time. it will involve.


It is important to ensure that readers of those study understand certain terms. These terms are:

  • Salary administration: This is a process that involves the control of costs, the establishment of fair and equitable remunerations, the utilization of salaries as an incentive to greater employee productivity.
  • Personal administration: It is intended to connote the modern concept of a strong dynamic function concerned with developing and utilizing that manpower resource of the business to optimum extent in achieving the objective of the business.
  • Bureaucracy: This exists when officials of an organizational are separated from actual work. The entire organization structure as well as management techniques are largely determined without reference to specific readers or power jurisdiction areas of activity with the organization are designated.



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Full Project – The problems of employee motivation and public sector performance