Full Project – The effect of recruitment and selection process on workers performance

Full Project – The effect of recruitment and selection process on workers performance

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Human resources management involves recruiting employees, selecting best applicants, developing workers skills, and measuring workers performance which focus on the effective and efficient use of men and women in an organization. Human resources of an organization are viewed as the most important asset because the success and failure of an organization are determined by the caliber of workers performance and by the effort it exerts.

Therefore, the policies and programme an enterprise adopt to meet it manpower-needs are vital of significance. According to Flippo (1970) said, the choice of employees should not be done haphazardly, rather it requires skills and knowledge to be able to select the best qualified amongst a pool of candidates seeking for employment. The personnel department of any organization is saddle with the responsibility of recruiting and selecting of candidates to fill the vacant positions. It is important to note that although the process of recruitment and selection are activities entrusted to the personnel department, the decision of who to be employed or appointed is the function of personnel department even though the head of department is an overriding right of who to be taken. However, selection process on the other hand deals with the objectives of screening, sorting out or eliminating those candidates who are judged unqualified. The selection process starts as soon as the screening process terminates. Selection therefore, is the process of choosing from a pool of applicants, persons that best meet the job specification. According to Hawk (1976). The process of recruitment is to seek out, evaluate, obtain commitment from place, orient new employees to fill position required from the successful conduct of the organization. There are laid down process for recruitment and selection of staff in an organization and these vary from organization. For instance in Niger State Water Board will conduct one test and one interview before making their final selection. Others may conduct as many or two to three test interviews before making final selection. And also they do not usually advertising junior positions because their concentration is normally on senior and managerial positions. Above all, it is quite surprising to observe even with these processes unqualified staff sneaked in and some time displacing the qualified ones in organization thereby leading to efficient productivity on workers performance, more so, creating an conducive working environment for the employees concerned. It is therefore, inevitable to achieve success of the organization by adhering to effective recruitment and selection process.




According to Adeyemi A. (2015) said, in Nigeria, there has been increase in the rate of business failure, closure and poor organizational performance due to low productivity of employees and commercial globalization. Despite the conflict between the stakeholders and the employees, employees have critical roles to play in ensuring the organization achieve competitive advantage over the competitors for the achievement of goals and objectives.

The performance of the manufacturing sectors which is recently nicknamed the real sector in Nigeria has been poor, it have witnessed relatively low performance when compared to their counteract in other developing nations like Nigeria. The recent retrenchment of workers across many manufacturing companies and the death of many newly introduced products in Nigeria are the evidence of poor performance.

According the Cloate (2007) said, the success of organizations depends on the caliber of the man power that steers their day-to-day affairs. When the right person is selected, the productivity of the right person tends to be high or meet the standard set by the organization to attract the best Human Resources in other to channel their collective efforts into excellent performance, unconventional selection practices can mar attainment of organizational objectives.

It is regrettably, many organization in Nigeria ignore standard selection programmes, this makes selection of personnel in undated with myriad of unethical practices; bias, discrimination and favoritism. It is obvious that hiring someone who does not fit into a particular job or who does not suit the culture of the organization will bring about disciplinary problems, dispute

s, absenteeism, high labour turnover, fraud, poor service delivery to customers, suppressed creativity, innovations and learning, inability to cope with new challenges or changes, non competitiveness, poor quality productions, waste of organizations money, time and valuable resources.

Recruitment and selection exercise are important aspect in the life of any organization. Any mistake at this can affects the success of the organization because recruitment and selection process is especially designed to pick from a pool of applicants the best qualified personnel to fill vacancies posts in an organization. In spite of the laid down process from recruitment it is surprising that in Niger State Water Board, unqualified staff have floaded the work environment as a result of political office holders that effects recruitment and selection process. This situation gave rise to low productivity on workers performance, frequent damaging of equipment, frustration, redundancy and so on. To this end, there is little or no literature that exist on the effect of recruitment and selection process in Niger State water boared, Minna.


From the foregoing, the following research questions were raised and answered in the course of this study: the research question is looking to the effect of recruitment and selection on worker’s performance in Niger State Water Board.

  1. Is there relationship between recruitment process and workers performance?
  2. Is there relationship between selection process and workers performance?

The general objectives of this study is to examine the effect of recruitment and selection process on workers performance in Niger State water board. The specific objectives are to:

  1. Examine the relationship between recruitment process on workers performance in Niger State water board;
  2. Investigate the effect of selection process on workers performance in Niger State water board;

In line with the specific objectives stated above, the following research hypotheses were stated in null form in order to answer research questions and achieve the research objectives.

H01: There is no significant relationship between recruitment process and workers performance in Niger State water board.

H02: Selection process does not significantly affect workers performance in Niger State water board.


This project is conducted to assist management practitioners, students particularly in the areas of selection and recruitment of staff to employs those who will be a perfect match for the jobs they are employed to do. It will enhance government and general public participation in addressing the problems of human resources management in public sectors.

This project would be relevant to future researchers as it will serve as a guide and reference material for further studies.


The scope of this research work is limited to Niger State Water Board Minna.

A population can be defined by any number of characteristics within a group that statisticians use to draw conclusions about the subjects in a study.

The population for this study comprises of all the staff of Niger State water board, Minna. As at present a total of 650 are currently and actively working in Niger State water board, Minna. The organization has work force strength of 650 and it is broken down into the following categories of staff.

  1. Management Staff 50
  2. Senior Staff 250
  3. Junior Staff 350

Ideally the research would have been carried out nation widely, which is not possible because of certain constraints.

Due to time factors, transport costs, financial constraints and because the researcher has other, courses to study within this limited time, make it difficult to have full coverage thereby limiting the scope to one organization.

  • Plan of the Study

The study comprises of chapter one which include the introduction, statement of the problem, research questions, research objective, the significance of the studies, the scope of the study and the plan of the study, chapter two is majorly about literature review while chapter three is the method and technique of gathering data, chapter four is about analysis of data and testing of hypothesis while chapter five talks about summary, conclusion and recommendations of the whole work.


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Full Project – The effect of recruitment and selection process on workers performance