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Background to the study


Generally in the whole world, particularly in Nigeria, education has been considered to be the corner – stone for development. It forms the basis for literacy, skill acquisition, technological advancement and ability to harness human and material resources towards the performance of societal goal, (FRN, 2004).

Studies on relationship between availability of resources and students academic performance have revealed that secondary schools provided with adequate education resources performed significantly





better than those provided with inadequate resources (Balogun, 1995). Environment is a very important factor in performance of goal of any educational programme. People acquire most of their knowledge through the interaction with facilities provided in the environment for learning. Also learning is impactd by the environment people are exposed to and the facilities provided in such environment lead to experience. As in the words of Piaget (1964) that active interaction with the environment is regarded as the most basic requirement for proper intellectual development.


The physical appearance and general condition of school physical facilities are the striking basis upon which many parents and friends of any educational institution make initial judgment about the quality of what goes on in the school. They are often turned off by dilapidated school blocks with sinking roofs and broken walls, bushy lawn and over grown hedges. Also are profane writings on walls, littered lawns and path ways. Finally, the school physical environment is like a mirror reflecting the image of a school and through it the public decide whether or not to associate with the particular school (Mgbodile 2004).


In Nigeria today, schools are closely associated with the communities. Most communities depend on neighbourhood school for the provision of good and appropriate environment for accommodation, furniture and all form of equipment for certain activities





like club or village meetings, wedding reception and church services. There is need for a well planned and organized educational environment enrichment because it fosters good interpersonal relationship. Moreover, Ajayi and Ashaolu (2005) opined that environment enrichment regarding physical facilities is a major factor in students’ academic performance. Supporting this Ayodele (2005) and Ajayi (2007), have shown that school resources aid students academic performance.


It is now certain that most of secondary school products cannot gain admission into federal universities or university of their choice due to poor performance in the placement examination into these schools. This poor performance may be attributed to poor learning environment especially in the following areas: schools building, library services, and environment and school facilities.



Statement of the problem


The problem under study has to do with an unsatisfactory condition of the educational system being operated in Nigeria. The establishment of government schools/community schools has resulted in a situation where by some school were favoured in terms of the provision of rich environment than others. It has been very difficult if not impossible for government to standardize the school environment. Thus the environment varies from school to school.


Some schools have adequate school buildings, good library and suitable textbooks, good administrative management, professionally qualified teachers, good laboratory equipments as well as good environment. While in some schools little or none of these exist. It is because of this that Chike-Okoli (1997) in line with Ikediashi (2002) have pointed out that poor teaching experience, inadequate or poor physical infrastructure, unsatisfactory building design are likely to cause some physical discomfort for the students and are therefore bound to impact their academic performance. The problem of this study put in a question form is: What is the impact of school facilities and equipment on student performance in secondary schools in Lagos State?





Purpose of the study


The main purpose of the study is to determine the Role of Environment on academic performance of secondary school students in Lagos State.


Specifically the study intends to:


  1. Investigate the extent the quality of the physical environment with regard to school buildings affect the academic performances of students of public secondary school in Lagos State.


  1. Determine the extent the library services affects student performance in secondary schools in Lagos State.


  1. Find out the extent environment affect student’s academic performance of public secondary schools.


  1. Ascertain the  extents  the  school  facilities  affect  students


academic performance of public secondary schools.  

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