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This study examined the effect of television advertisement on buying behaviour with regards to household necessity, a case study of women in Benin City. The broad objective of this study was to examine the impact of television advertisement. The study also examine some literature reviews; including the meaning of advertising, relevant concepts, featuring of advertisement and demerit of advertising and so on. The sources of data collection used in this research work were a combination source. The primary source data collection included the administration of questionnaires and the conduct of television interview. The secondary data was gotten from textbook and also some hypotheses were tested using chi-square method to ascertain its validity from the finding, it was discovered that there is a significant relationship between television advertisement and increase in advert. It was also concluded that the promotion of television advertisement will be enhanced as long as well designed advertisement, for prospective women and the help of television advertisement it will go a long way and patronize the women in Benin City.



The topic, the effect of television advertisement on women buying behaviour with regards to household necessity is an interesting one. The researchers chose this topic in other to find how advertising influences buying behaviour of the consumers, and also create awareness of product and services in the mind of the consumer. It will be of benefit to the women folk and consumers who depend on advertising for information that will enable them to make considerable choice of product or services especially when the products are new in the market.

1.1     Background to the Study

The increase of multiple products as a result of outputs from several manufacturing companies has intensified competition over the years. Therefore, for the manufacturers to have their product get to the consumers, there is need to take competitive strategies like advertising.

Advertising as a competitive strategy is aimed at creating awareness of the existence of a product in the market place quality and its availability when needed, and this is done through communication media.

In product class, product competes with several brands with their advertisement seeking the attention of the same people in the society in general. For instance, toilet soap, have brands like lux, joy, imperial leather, hodents, crest, sensodyne, close-up and hammer toothpaste etc hence there is great need to study and analyze consumer preferences.

For any organization to create and have enough share of the market, there is need to inform and tell its consumers of the existence of their goods and services. Therefore, advertisement helps to reach the various potential customers and produce the needed turnover. Advertising function as a catalyst which influence quick sale of a product, which in turn encourages them to buy the product. It helps as a vehicle for the marketing information about goods and services to consumers. Its function empowered towards achieving a faster turnover by production of the level or volume for sale needed. It affects on potential buyers on having the foregoing in mind, it is important to carryout this study to know the possible effect advertisement has on the buying habits of the buyers.

The adoption of television advertisement is not because it reaches a great number of people at a time, particularly in urban and semi-urban areas like Benin metropolis but the extent of presentations and frequency of viewing gives message repetition of advertised products. It helps to apply a great effect on the consumer and thereby change their attitude and pattern of purchase.

1.2     Statement of the Problem

The problem of competition amongst business organizations is becoming acute especially those producing similar products. Many organization produce similar products and they compete with one another for customers. Business organization are in constant battle to eliminate low demand for products. Many of them engage in all kinds of trade to increase their share of the market. There is need to inform and tell its consumers of the existence of their goods and services. Therefore, advertisement helps to reach the various potential customers.

1.3     Research Questions

The following are the various questions of the research work:

1.                 To what extent does television advertisement affect the buying behaviour of women in Benin City?

2.                 Does television advertising enhance the increase in the demand for product?

3.                 How does television advertising capture consumers attention?

1.4     Research Hypotheses

Hypothesis One

HI:    Television advertisement has significant relationship with the buying behaviour of women in Benin City.

Hypothesis Two

HI:    There is a positive relationship between the significant effect on the purchase and increase in demand for product.

Hypothesis Three

HI:    There is a positive relationship between in capturing of consumer attention and in a few second.

1.5     Purpose of the Study

The major purpose of this study is to investigate the effects television advertisement have on the buying behaviour of women in Benin metropolis. Base on this, the researcher is required to examine the following measures:

1.       To know the extent to which television advertisement affects the buying behaviour of women in Benin City.

2.       To examine the extent of purchase in the increase in demand for products.

3.       To evaluate the extent of capturing consumers attention in a few seconds.

1.6     The Scope of the Study

The study concentrate on the female folks and it restricts on the women in Benin metropolis alone.

The research takes on integral look at brand of product or services like toilet soap such as lux, joy etc. In addition with toothpaste which have brand like close-up, holding, crest, sensory etc. This type of market will form part of our present discussion, ways to bring this market closer to the people.

1.7     The Significance of the Study

This study will be of importance to manufacturers in product designing and selection of appropriate channel of distribution. It will help them to know if the advertisement being produce for them is having any influence on consumer of their product or brand.

Finally, marketing students will also find this project work as a reference literature in carrying out their research.

1.8     Limitations of the Study

It is vital to point the fact, that the researcher was faced with a lot of constraint among which are:

1.       Financial constraint: In the search of traveling to another institution and organization from relevant materials for the research, and also due to cash period given during this period, a lot of things or constraint was also faced.

2.       Time: The time was short to settle down and to do a proper and neat work.

3.       The attitude of the respondents: The attitude of respondent posed a great problem for the research they doubted the genuine intention of the information sought some of my respondents were relevant and to busy on full questionnaire. Secondary materials needed for this study were not available in the school library and cyber café for reference purpose when writing and an individual with relevant material were hard not crack they make you talk and talk, also it was difficult in collecting the completed questionnaires.

1.9     Operational Definition of Terms

1.       Consumers: These are those who purchase goods and services for personal use and not for manufacture or resale. Consumers are the end user of a product, sometimes could be referred to the consumer if he or she is the end users.

2.       Consumer Behaviour: According to Walters and Paul, consumer behaviour is the process whereby, individuals decides what, when, where, how and from whom to purchase goods and services. Consumer behaviour is the behaviour that consumers display in searching for purchasing, using evaluating and disposing of products or services and ideas which they expect will satisfy their needs (Walters & Paul, 2009).

3.       Advertising: According to Mann et al (2009), said the American Marketing Association defined advertising as any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services by an identified sponsored. Advertising on the other hand is a form of communication intended to persuade an audience (viewers readers, listeners) to purchase or services (Mann et al, 2009, p. 9).

4.       Television Advertising: Since television is a telecommunication medium for transiting and receiving moving image that can be multicolored and the most powerful medium of mass communication seen regularly by most of the people, television advertising can therefore refers to the use of commercial advertisement as a means of promoting a company’s products or services through the television.

5.       Marketing: According to Kotler, marketing can be defined as a social process by which individual and group obtain what they need and service of value to each other. While according to the American Marketing Association (AMA) board of directors, marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and process for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings, that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large. Therefore, marketing simply means communicating value to a client for satisfaction (Kotler, 2008).

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