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This research work examined the importance of branding in the marketing of Univlever products with special reference to Toiletries such as soap and toothpastes. The study made use of primary and secondary data primary data was sources form questionnaires and oral interview while secondary data came from textbooks magazines newspaper and journals. The research instrument used in gathering the data was the questionnaires which was distributed to 200 consumers of toiletries brands of univlever products in Enugu metropolis out of the 200 copies of the questionnaires issued to the consumers 190 were returned and used or analysis.
The date collected were analyzed using tables frequencies and percentages. After data analysis W R discovered that:
• Brand name makes it for the consumer to recognize Univlever products
• Branding helps in advertising and promoting Unilever products
• Branding helps the consumer to repeat purchases
• Branding enhances the quality of unilever products.
• Branding increase the product age of unilever product.
Based on the above finding recommendations were which the researcher feel will go a long way in helping Unilever to market its products.
Perhaps the most distinction skill of professional marketing is their ability to create maintain protect and enhance brands. Marketers say “Branding is the art and cornerstones of marketing. The American marketing association define branding as a name term sign symbol or design or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods or service of one seller or group of sellers.
In essence a brand identifies the seller to maker. It can be a name trademark or other symbol.
Brand name is a name given to a product which can be vocalized or pronounced and serves to distinguish it from others.
Brand mark I that part of a brand show in front of sign symbol letter design which are not untenable.
A trademark is a brand mark or a brand name with legal protection. No other seller is given the right to use a trademark except the registered owners.
For trademark law the seller is granted exclusive right to use of the brand name in perpetuity. These brands differ from other assets such as patents and copyright which have expiration data
A brand is essentially a seller’s specific set of features benefits and service to the buyers. The best brand conveys a warranty of quality.
But a band is even a more complex symbol. A brand can convey up to six level of meaning.
Attributes: A brand first bring to mind certain attributes.
Benefits: A brand is more than a set of attributes customers are not buying benefit.
Values: The brand also says something about the producers values.
Culture: The brand may represent a certain culture.
Personality: The brand can also project a certain personality
User: The brand suggests the kind of consumer who buys or uses the product.
If a company treats a brand only as a name it misses the point of branding. The challenge in branding is to develop a deep set of meanings for the brand. When the audience can visualize all six dimensions of brand is deeps other wise it is shallow.
Given the six level of a brands meanings marketer must decide at which level (s) to deeply anchor identify. One mistake would be to promote only the brands attributes firstly the buyers is not interested in the brand benefits. Secondly competitor 45 can easily copy the attribute. Third the current attributes. Third the current attributes may become less valuable later hunting a brand that is too tried to specific attributes.
Brand identification has certain advantage. It enable the seller to build a consumer following and identify a given level of quality with a product from competitions.
It expedites the process it is impossible to identify some products as those of a particular manufactures without the aids of a brand name.
Moreover brand identification enable the manufactures to communicate to buyers not only a the point of purchase but through the medium of advertising and occasionally through publicity. Finally branding may enable the firm to communicate psychological as well as material values.STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM 
Despite the importance of branding and its unpretending role and its restrictive (legal) measures on the product policy cope tight and patent right, people still devour in product imitation refinement and passing off image in order to project their product image in the market place. That is non-original and unbranded product are placed head long with the original in the market place committing for the same market share.
In view of these, branding is in important in considering these statements.
a. Whether branding creates inputs purchase.
b. Whether branding helps Unilever branding other Nigeria Plc in segmenting their market.
c. Whether it ahs been enhancing Unilever brother Nigeria Plc sales volume buyer’s motives
d. Whether it ahs improving the company profit margin
e. If branding has any impact in determining the distribution channels of Unilever product.

Brand as the name implies could be seen as a name term symbol design or a combination of them which is intended to identify the goods or services of one seller of group of sellers and also shows the distribution from those of competitors.
This study therefore seeks to know the effectiveness of branding on manufactured products with a view to establish the extent to which it has helped in the manufacturing companies like Unilever products
1. To identify how the consumer or the entire public react to branding and the impact and impression it creates in them. Whether it is a strong motivating factors for a quick purchase of product.
2. To find our if a well planned branding strategy can make a product of Unilever brother Nigeria Plc to lead the market and suppose its competitors.
3. To determine the problems that are association within branding as a strategy and the panacea to it.
4. To examine the importance of branding as a promotional tools to the Unilever products.
5. To examine critically Unilever products.

The aiding research question used is intended to achieved following
1. To find out how branding decision is user and producer
2. To asses the knowledge of Unilever brothers towards their product.
3. To determine the response of people towards the branding of toiletries
4. To find out possible strategy towards the brand of Unilever product.
5. To find out the factors that influences of branding consumer.

This research work ahs significant for both the companies and their consumer it affords the searcher an insight into the role it could play in any firm. It will bring to the knowledge to the Nigeria entrepreneurs and companies who produce toiletries to appreciate the use of branding of consumer product.
Also that they could locate adequate finance of their budget on any major branding decision.
It is now a common practice that consumer buy most of their product because of good branding and packaging. It therefore go along way to suggest the priority that should placed on it by the firm.

This survey covers the important role that branding plays in marketing of Unilever brother products.
That are stated here:
1. The objectives of branding
2. Problem of branding
3. Source of fund for branding
4. Significant of branding.


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