Full Project – Industrial unrest in the educational sector

Full Project – Industrial unrest in the educational sector

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Industrial unrest means conflict between employers and workers in industries. When people began to work together, there are areas of dispute leading to communal clashes.

It is all known when commitments unions have for their organization is determined by the level of benefit that accrues to them individually or collectively.

Similarly, the irregularities and nature of conflicts are the results of disagreement  and maundering state and management.

The most industrial strikes are collapse of collective bargaining process. The more fundamental areas of disagreement more prolonged in the conflict. All the industrial conflicts are eventually resulted in strikes.

All the important component of a good dispute settlement procedure, is that when the state and settlement machineries are inadequate or inefficient constant strikes began, the strikes do  not began, workers slow down on their work output. Industrial unrest is an abusive disturbance in educational sector that made worse with the understanding of academic staff of FUT are very sensitive to educational unrest.

The most the attitude towards working will be minimized as a result of threat of strikes.


The reality to check out the problem of industrial unrest in all educational sector is that the result on recent warning concerning the strike and conflicts by the academic staff of that of Federal University of Technology, Minna, when the problem are not resolve immediately or addressed twill seriously affect the educational sector of the country.

The trade  dispute area of that of employees and workers are regard to wages and other labor working conditions.

The researcher find it difficult to examine the factors that is responsible in the problem of industrial unrest and possible solution to this issue.


The reason or purpose to find, investigate and examine the cases of industrial unrest is that the problem is been highlighted below:

  1. To examine the efficiency of the communication procedures
  2. To find out if there are been prompt payment of salary in education sector.
  3. To find out low effective of the grievances procedures.



This are the following hypothesis that are been regards:-

  1. The poor staff welfare and facilities causes industrial unrest.

Ho: poor workers welfare and facilities do not causes industrial unrest.

Hi: poor workers welfare and facilities causes’ industrial unrest

  1. The long procedure in handling causes the industrial unrest.

Ho: long procedure in handling dispute do not causes industrial unrest.

Hi: long procedure in handling dispute causes industrial unrest.


This research will be beneficial to the government, the private and public sectors, the trade union, the educational sectors, the researcher and the public at largest.

The most important of it is eventually highlighted below:-

  1. They enable the top management in the educational sectors, public and private sector to develop better working relations.
  2. It also help the trade union to operate the process of that conflict resolution procedure in a fair and effective way which will help them to arrive at the favorable agreement in their working condition with the employers.
  3. It also helps the government to formulate policies and strategies, which will reduce the industrial action.
  4. It also helps them in the researcher to become a competent manager in the future.
  5. It will provide the general public with effective of industrial unrest, consequences and importance of industrial unity.

The researcher is expected to measure all the problem of industrial action by academic staff of Federal University of Technology, Minna.

The process of carrying out this research work, there were factor influencing that affected the research work, from gathering the necessary Material that is involved.

This include time, there was a limited time within which the researcher is required to submit the project it was not possible to touch all areas.


Industrial Relation

According to yusuf (1984), industrial relation  as a whole work of human interaction at work is predicated upon and also arises out of employment contract.

Tayo (1980) defines the dispute between employees and management workers which is connected with the employment or non-employment or the term of employment and physical conditions of employment by an organized body of employees to achieved their goals.


According to Cambridge English Dictionary means an argument or disagreement, especially an official one between, for example the workers and groups.


It also means a real or imagined cause for compliant, especially unfair treatment.


It also the process to refuse to continue working because of an argument with an employer about working conditions.


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Full Project – Industrial unrest in the educational sector