Full Project – The impact of employee participation in decision making and its effect on productivity

Full Project – The impact of employee participation in decision making and its effect on productivity

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It should be recanted that a decision is a choice where by a person forms a conclusion about a situation. Costelb, zalkind, s.s (1963P. 334), coined the term decision making to a process, choosing one from among several possibilities, however, decision theory in single choice among course of action at a particular point in time this depicts a course of behaviour about what must be done or vice-versa. Decision is however, the point at which plans, policies and objectives are translated into concrete action planning engenders decision guide by company, policies, procedures and programs. The aim of decision making is to channel human behaviour towards a future goal.

Decision making is however one of the most germane activities of management. It has been the preoccupations of all the management of multifarious organization ranging from small scale organization to multinational corporations.

Managers many a times consider decision making to be heart of their job in that must always choose what is to be done. Who will do it, where and most a times now it will be done. Traditionally, managers influenced the ordinary employees and specifically, their immediate subordinate in the organization. This has resulted in managers making unnatural decision even in areas affecting their subordinates.

In Germany, around 1951, a low enacted which provides for code determination and requires labor membership in the supervisory hand and executive committee of certain large cooperation. However the participation of labor in decision making process resulted to relatively and peaceful labor management relations.

Additionally, the Japanese management uses decision making by concius in which lower-level employee initiate the idea and submits it to the next higher level unit. It reaches the desk of the top executive if the proposal is approved, it is returned to the initiator for implementation. It is in this context that the research wishes to access the impact of employee participation in decision making on organization productivity in Nigeria public sector organizations, using ANAMCO PLC as a case study.



The general objective of this empirical study is to access the impact of employee’s participation in managerial decision making in public sector organization in Nigeria with reference to ANAMCO PLC.

The specific objectives are:

  1. To access the impact of employee participation or non- participation in management decision making ANAMCO PLC.
  2. To ascertain the impact of the employee participation or non-participation in management decision or productivity of the organization.
  3. To make recommendations based on the research findings.



In a view to accomplishing this research work effectively the research possesses the followings.

  1. Do management staffs make decision without pre and post discussion a consultation with employee?
  2. Does management change decision when rejected by employees?
  3. To what extent do employees participate in decision making?
  4. How often do employees meet to discuss with managers.



This research work will be relevant to the managers and employee of ANAMCO Plc. It will also be beneficial to other public sector organization in Nigeria-it will also be of prodigious importance to government, academicals potential and future researcher on the issue of employee participation in managerial decision making.

This empirical study is also German to the researcher since it is a partial and requirement for the award of national Diploma in Business Administration and Management.






SCOPE: this research work focus particularly on the impact of employee participation in decision making and organizational productivity using ANAMCO PLC. ENUGU as a case study.




 A work of this nature is not easy to consummate or accomplish, and as a result, financial problem, time constraint, apathy on the part of respondent and beureatic producers involved in releasing data seriously affected the study.




  1. Decision making- the selection from among alternative of a course of action.
  2. Management-management is made up of top and middle level management top management includes: share holders, board of directors managing, directors or chief’s executive/general manager (i.e. management above departmental level) middle management include head of department, managers, deputy and assistant managers.
  3. Productivity: A measure of how well resources are brought together in organizations and are utilized for accomplishing a set of results.
  4. General: relevant, important or pertinent.
  5. Heary of the job: As it is used in the research work means their job.



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Full Project – The impact of employee participation in decision making and its effect on productivity