Full Project – The impact of strategic planning and management in the attainment of organizational goals

Full Project – The impact of strategic planning and management in the attainment of organizational goals

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The word strategy planning in management is intervening and is continually used in every industrial going concern. Both profit and nonprofit oriented organization apply the principles of the key words in the management of an organization, it is through strategic planning and maximization of resources by investing on capital projects which enhances that cost and efficient and effective management of resources and the overall development of firms’ resources to achieve a set goal.

Strategic planning is a long term plan which gradually articulates the material and human resources of a firm to achieve a set goal, it is also a way through which top management determines the overall organizational purposes and objective and several ways to achieving them.

Strategic planning helps to determine basic long term goals of an enterprise and adoptions of causes of action including the allocation of resources necessary to carry out these set goals. The strategic planning and management of a could be applied in various dimensions.


  1. Corporate – level
  2. Functional

iii.   Retrenchment

  1. Stability
  2. Convectional etc


Strategic planning is a systematic attempt to strategically preposition the firm for its overall progress, it also gives an insight on the company’s strength, weakness, opportunities and threats – opportunities and threats so as to know what the future holds in stock for the firm. Therefore strategic planning is necessary advantageously plan the firm or organization to absorb the dynamic change within an organization although lawyer organizations respond quickly to change because there is an organization strategic plan made by the management. However it is imperative long range in short planning system are not necessarily goal measurements their success rather an indication of a recognized need of wide spread belief that a better planning helps an organization effectively manage her resources.


Hence, strategic planning and management consideration the approach to planning, staffing etc and form and intermediary between technical function and operational which is geared towards setting up dialogue through which firms equates their technical need and also actions a better for the organization against the dynamisms of their operating environment.



The Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri started in 1978 as the college of technology, Owerri. It was established by them Imo state government through edict no, 16 of April 1978. it took off at its temporary site (GTC) along Egbu road in the same year. Since its inception the name polytechnic Nekede, Owerri not unit 7 April 1993 it was called federal polytechnic Nekede, basically the institution was established to provide full time and part-time course on institution and training technology, applied science, commerce and management to arrange conferences, seminars and study group related to the field of learning specified in.


Since the inception 1978 they has been a lot of dangers and strategic which focus on general overview of the organizations. There are varieties of perspectives models and approaches adopted by various in the course of planning thus the way the strategic plan is developed depends on the nature, complexity, organizational structure, culture, leadership, size of the firm and the purpose of the planners.




This context involves the review of first and present plans and objectives, achievement of current goals and identification of current problems. Among the performance to be reviewed are the firms strength weakness, opportunities and threats were the institutions have a comparative deficiency which has crippled the actualization of its set goals.


And these firms base on futuristic plan and setting of target. Therefore a constant seem of the operating environment of a business venture is very necessary.



To know the roles strategic planning in the organization what type of strategic planning is most suitable for an organization?


Howe do environmental factors influence strategic plan?

What are the various cost involved in strategic planning how strategic planning influence can the overall organization problems facing strategic planning?



  • What are the roles of strategic planning in the organization who is involved in the strategic planning process of a firm?
  • When planning what makes an essay implementations?
  • What are the impacts of strategic planning?



  1. The study will help uncover challenges faced by management in the cause of strategic planning
  2. It will boost ideas and improve methods of operations in an organization
  3. It will help the management of a firm to acquire more knowledge on innovations decision making and team work
  4. It brings about experience on the researchers side haven been interwoven with a consultant or plans facing later
  5. It is aim at setting a face for profit maximization and ways to curb waste




This research work is centre on strategic planning and management in organizations in Nigeria with its point at Federal Polytechnic Nekede as it case study.



The researcher due to the recent student uprising in the school and time constraint was not able to consult the fiscal planning unit of the school to get the necessary data for my research work but kudos to the interest and my references.


In other to grant a crystal cleaver comprehension of this research work it is pertinent to define some keyword concepts used so as to avoid ambiguity.

  1. Forecast: This is a projection of future event
  2. Strategic planning: These are plans which focus on a long term relationship between a firm and its environment and the overall future of a firm
  3. Planning: Is a process of developing in a specific manner in which objectives are accomplished
  4. Budget: Is a single plan which deals with the future allocation and utilization of various resources
  5. Goals based planning: Is the most common and it starts with focus on the organization mission (vision values) and goal to work the mission for instance who will do WHAT, WHEN and HOW)
  6. Issue – based strategic planning: This is based on examining issues facing the firms and map out ways of positioning itself of suit the current trend
  7. Swot: Strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats



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Full Project – The impact of strategic planning and management in the attainment of organizational goals