Full Project – Marketing research as a survival instrument for small scale enterprises

Full Project – Marketing research as a survival instrument for small scale enterprises

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The world of business today is rapidly changing and only a fast growing organization and individual keeps pace with these changes.

Perhaps, the complexity involved in business activities technological changes makes business executives or individual to go to bed late and wake up early. As such for survival and growth of small-scale enterprises, specialist and experts work extremely, using research on marketing as a source of collecting vital information which will lead to the success of small-scale enterprises.

In respect of information gathered, research also analyzes channels of distribution and making communication net. In addition, the economic crisis have created ken completion among enterprises have to consciously adjust to the changing need of the society.

Marketing research is a fact-finding process logical and essential for successful marketing in good decision making and adaptability.



It is important for small-scale enterprises to understand and fully appropriate the importance of the principles of marketing research.

From experience small-scale enterprises are provided to suit the need of customers by providing a service and products that are desired by the customers.

This can be properly achieved through marketing research. in practice, there is virtual neglect of the customers who should be their focal points of satisfaction.

  1. Is the application of marketing research to small-scale enterprises effective and efficient in identifying area where bad policy and bad decision are taken?
  2. Is there any specific or significant difference on the level of product in Global Soap and Detergent Nigeria Limited and other small-scale enterprises?
  3. Is there room for improvement on the performance of Global Soap and 1etergent Production and or the manner in which services are offered?
  4. Will marketing in which research information and initiative on small-scale enterprises are applied be able to identify the present desire of the customers, such that the enterprises will keep pace with changes, grow and develop very well.



To this end, the main objectives are to examine marketing research as a variable used for the success of small-scale enterprises and objectives of this study are as follows:

  1. To examine the probe involved in application of marketing research in small-scale enterprises.
  2. To examine the relationship between decision-making and marketing research.
  3. To examine the scales of activities whether if conforms with the existing companies target market and also an aspect of marketing research.
  4. To examine the external environment of small-scale enterprises within which it operated and also putting into consideration economic environment at present and future.
  5. To examine the prices and output of small-scale enterprises in different market situation.



The scope of this research work is to highlight the importance of marketing research as a variable for a successful small-scale enterprise. It also dwells extensively on the relationship between decision making, marketing research is applied to small-scale enterprises with reference to Global Soap and Detergent Industry Limited, Ilorin, Kwara State.

Moreso, this research also study the external environment and its operation in a highly competitive Nigerians up coming small-scale enterprises and the effect of those competitive action on small-scale enterprise. a. To examine the probe involved in application of marketing research in small-scale enterprise.



The importance of this study is as follows: it will help small-scale enterprises to produce or offer services that are desired by customers. This study will give information that is important for the development of small-scale enterprises.

This study will identify the strength and weakness of enterprises and to know its threats and opportunities.

This study also gives a financial planning procedure with an effective feedback mechanism for an organization to accomplish its




To carry out a research work successfully is a great achievement, because it is faced with several constrains or set back. Some of the problems encountered are as follows:

  1. The attitude of some workers in the reception were insulting and frustrating just to see the manager to discuss our mission to the organization.

The receptionist will look at you scornfully and ask you to sit and wait for the manager endlessly.

  1. In distributing the questionnaire and to the point of collection it tool is many weeks and even we could not retrieve all.
  2. Yet, despite our letter of introduction and the presentation of our identification cares to them as final year students carrying out a research works, some of the staff could not release vital information for the fear that it would get to the hand of their rivals or competitors.
  3. A large proportion of time was taken away by lecturers and other important assignment in school, which limited the tithe that would have been used in concentrating on the research work.
  4. Finally, the most important problems was finance due to the distance of the enterprises chosen as a case study, a lot of amount was spent on transportation.




Global Soap and Detergent Industry Limited, Ilorin, Kwara

State was incorporated as a limited liability company in 1984 under the chairmanship and managing director of Prince Samuel Adedoyin. It has its factory located along Asa Dam Road Industrial Layout in Ilorin township.

The company started its building early i 1984 and had It completed around October 1985 and its first production was out in December, 1985. It is one of the companies in the Doyin Group of Companies which has for many years been championing the course of indigenous technology within the country.

The operation of this factory has a total capital investment of over N200,000,000 (N200 million) and fully owned and managed by full-blooded Nigerians.

Beside, the industry has provided infrastructures enhancement for the state. It has provided employment opportunities for over 1500 Nigerians and business opportunities for many Nigerians as well.

From it one factory and a pioneer staff strength of about 40 in 1985, the companies five factories mainly;

  1. A 5.0 tone per hour detergent plant.
  2. A 5.0 tone per day scourers plant.

iii. A 1.0 tone per hour sulphuration plant.

  1. A 1.0 tone per day glycerin evaporation plant and
  2. Distillation plant.


Within its five years of operation, the company has developed many branches namely, Flash blue detergent soap in 200 mg pack, washrite powder packed in 10kg, 5kg, 2kg and 1kg, HI-clean scouring powder in plastic container, Hi-clean bar soap laundry size, bold detergent powder, also packed in 10kg, 5kg, 2kg and 1kg, Bold bar soap laundry size, Vogue toilet soap table from Vogue Guest Soap and all purpose soap for bathing and washing.

All in all the company produces about eight brands of different sizes and packages. All these have contributed to enjoy good patronage from Nigerians due to their consistency high quality.

As a good corporate citizen of Nigerian Global and Detergent has also continued to seek ways of consuming the country had earned foreign exchange with ultimate aim of becoming the first to produce 100% Nigeria detergent powder.



  • Marketing Research: Is the systematic and objectives research for analysis information relevant to the identification and solution of any problem in the field of marketing.
  • Investigation: It is searching for a key factor about a certain thing by human being.
  • Truth: Needs discipline, no self-opinion, truth, sacred. Something you find and be satisfied with.
  • Production: Results or outcome of an organization effort. Marketing Concepts: It is a business philosophy that understand the needs and wants of the customers in the market and of adopting the operation of the organization to deliver the right goods and services for effective and efficient profitable effort.
  • Project Concept: This is referred to as a written description of a product under consideration for development.
  • Performance: This is the vehicle for judging the effectiveness of individual group and organization.
  • Services: The operation of a business organization doing a useful work in supplying a need but does not produce goods.
  • Need: They are deficiencies than an individual experience at a particular point in time, the deficiency may be biological, physiological, sociological or psychological. They are seen energizers or triggers of behavioural response.


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Full Project – Marketing research as a survival instrument for small scale enterprises