Full Project – Tax system as means of revenue generation

Full Project – Tax system as means of revenue generation

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The system of taxation in Zurmi Local Government dates back as pre – Usman Danfodiyo Jihad in 1908. The Fulani and district head use to raise revenue by imposing some levies on cattle owners and farmers, with coming at laggard there were certain changes which culmination in the northern Nigeria, native revenue ordinance of 1917. This ordinance was severely gonad until the creation of Zamfara State. Today income tax is imposed on individual partnership bodies include trustee and executor as contained in the various tax edicts.

Zamfara state therefore administers personnel income tax in the state as district from federal government which levies tax on companies under the ordinance. The administration of tax was left under the native authority which assessed imposed and supervised the collection of tax in the area and account for the tax collected to the governor who would in turn of the development of provision of the social amenities required by the area.



Zurmi Local Government was created in the year 1989, during the origin of General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (PTD) it was created out of the present Kaura Namoda Local Government, was first head by Bello Gatari as the execution chairman.

The local Government secretarial was first of all located at Alhaji MAlami house, house at Nasarawa, Zurmi before move to its permanent site located opposite Government Arabic Secondary School, Zurmi along Jibiya Road.

The Local Government comprise of five (5) departments which include:

  • Administration Department
  • Agric Department
  • Health Department
  • Finance Department
  • Social Department

The departments are headed by the directors. Furthermore the local government has a work for of 856 staff with various qualifications economics activities carried out in Zurmi Local Government. Include the production of cash crops, food crops and training. The Local Government has provided many services to his people who include road construction and repair electricity and water to Zurmi, Ibrahim, Nagada, Alhaji Rufa’I Abubakar Gusau, Alhaji Sa’idu Zurmi and now Alhaji Abubakar S. Dawaki.


Many people are ignorant and not well informed of what a way system of taxation is. They say taxation as not contribution. In any aspect to the economic development and in Zurmi Local Government do not lay much emphasis on taxation. Majority of this people living in the local government refuse to play tax using the state period.

Therefore, the state the problem of this study is to examine to the revenue base of Zurmi local government debt and assist in the department.


The overall objectives of study are as follows:

  • To determined and provide a better understanding of the system of taxation being operation in Zurmi local government.
  • To determine how relevant it is to the peculiar revenue problem of the state.
  • To know who Zurmi local government generated it revenue through taxation in the other meets it is various expenditure.
  • To understand the rate of tax and type of taxed that the local government enforce on individual, partnership cooperative bodies and trustee and the revenue generated from various types of taxes base on available fact and information.

The scope of the study is narrowed to Zurmi local governments are of Zamfara state. The project draws inference on a better approach to have good tax system assistance in generating revenue.


The study is restricted to Zurmi local government. Time and financial constraints would not permit a wide study. The local government will be usual as a cross section sample of the Nigeria population.


Methodology simply means method of data collection. These main sources of data use or intend to be used in this research include primary and secondary data, sources of the data collection include:

  1. Questionnaire
  2. Interview
  • Text books
  1. Journals
  2. Magazine
  • Year of Assessment: This is the year running for a period of twelve months from 1st January to 31st (Formally 1st April up to the end include 1980).
  • Assessment Income: It is the amount of income (after changing expenses and out going against gross income) from each source in the year immediately preceding this of assessment.
  • Taxable person of changeable to tax: – This is an individual (include the family) and any corporative body trustee or executor partners have any income which is danceable tax for a year of assessment by any tax authority.
  • Individual: These include a corporation sole or individuals.
  • Total Income: – This is aggressive assemble in come from all sources for the year after adding balancing charge and deducting losses and capital allowances.
  • Tax avoidance: – Is an Endeavour on the part of tax payer to reduce his tax liability by taking advantage of the specific provision of the law. For instances a taxation person declaring that he has children or aged department when actually he has none.
  • Tax evasion: – Arises when a tax payer willfully fact to report a source of taxable income or sink to reduce his tax liability understanding a criminal offence.
  • Changeable income: – It is the amount of individual total income less dedication allowed to the individual for year.


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Full Project – Tax system as means of revenue generation