Full Project – Safety procedures in hotel establishment

Full Project – Safety procedures in hotel establishment

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Hotel can be defined as the establishment that provides lodging and usually meals and other services for traveler and paying guests.

The hotel proprietor’s act of (1985) defined hotels as an” establishment offering food and drink and sleeping accomodation if so and able to pay for the services and facilities provided and also who is a fit a position to be served and accomodated.

According to toadvance learners oxford 6 hotels are defined as a building where people stay, usually for a short time, paying for their room and meal. Therefore, thehotel is a traffic area where people can lodfe in and out, it must be safe and secure in order to prevent all accident such as fire out break, stealingof guest and hotel properly, this accident will be preventedby the usedof safety procedures in hotelmm establishment.

Safety procedures in hotel establishment can be followed in order to prevent all accident, food contamination food poisoning for the purposes of doing all work safety and to protect both staff and guest.

Safety according to advance learning dictionary is “the state ofbeing safe and protectedfrom dangeror harm”. And accident as an unpleasant event, especially in a hotel, that happen unexpected and causes in injury and damage life and properties of hotel establishment.

However, safety procedure is the terms or process or method that can be followed in order to make hotel establishment safe and unharmful/harmless. All necessary precaution must be taken in order to prevent unpleasant andunexpected eventthat causes damage and injury.

For anyhotel establishment to run it’s business successfully, the hotelier must considered the life and properly of the guests and staff of hotel establishment, safety procedures must be followed in order to used all tools and equipment in a safeand good manner,which will neitherharm themselves orthosewith whom they work with, also the guest accomodation can be safe and free from dangers.

The housekeepers are the persons that have major responsibilities for making sure her/his staff are familiar with the common causes of accident and procedures that prevent accident in hotel establishment.

My case of study which is Katsina Motel is located along N01 Muhammad Bashar Road Katsina. The hotel is established in the year of 1935 by the colonial master. Katsina motel currently has about (81) and telecommunicationsystem.


The nature of hotel organization and types of service that are being rendered on daily basis expose the hotels as area where tendency of accident is in taken place. Therefore a lot of causes of accidents such as slippery floor, electrical appliance, naked fire flames from gas, shape instruments, chemical food poising etc. which are risk to the both life and property of staff andguest of hotel establishment.


The mains of this study are study to enlighten hotel users on the safety procedures to be followed in hotel establishment.

The specific objective is to explore for both the guests and hotelier the safety procedure/precaution in the hotel establishment:

  1. To find out the causes of accident in the hotel
  2. Identify the safety procedures that can be used
  • To determine the safety precaution in the hotel

The following questions were put forward to be answered;

  1. What are the causes of accident in the hotel?
  2. What are the safety procedures that used in the hotel establishment?
  3. What are themeasures put in place to prevent accidents?

This research study focus on the safety procedures, causes of accidents, food poisoning, threat that disturbed both users and hotelier and security that would protect the gursts and staff from allharmful condition. The study covered the Katsina Motel.


This study will be of great important to Katsina Motel and katsina state government in promoting safety procedurers in hotel establishment and procedures to prevent accident and all harmful threat in hotel establishment students and the entirepopulation.


  1. Safety: Is the state of being safe and protected from danger or harm
  2. Accident: As an unpleasant event that happens unexpectedly and causes damage, injury and harm to both lifeand property.
  3. Hotel: Can be defined as establishment that provided lodging, meals and other services for traveler and other paying guests.
  4. Food Poisoning: Can defined asd the illness characterized by stomach pains anddiarrhea and sometime vomiting, generally developing within one to 36 hoursn after eating the affected food.
  5. First Aid: Can be defined as the first treatment given to an injury person to ease his condition and prevent/stop it fromgetting worse before arrival of a doctor.
  6. security: Referst to protection against threats to guest, employees, the guest property, or firms property pose by human being with conscious intent to harm.


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Full Project – Safety procedures in hotel establishment