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The topic treated in this project is “The Effects of sales forces motivation on productivity. A case study of Emenite Company Limited Emene, Enugu State.
This topic is very vast and one cannot claim to have treated all the aspects of the literature covered the topic within this skeletal outfit. It attempts to identify the various census of low sales force productivity in Nigeria. It also attempt to identify the various measures adopted by the company in motivating their sales force and to established the relevance or otherwise of the measures. The aim is to ensure that only measures relevant to sales force productivity in Nigeria are adopted. This is to ensure cost effectiveness.
METHODOLOGY: The method adopted in this case study is the case study method. Consequently a typical sales territory (Emenite Ltd- a manufacturing company) was selected for the study.
The research instrument used include self administered questionnaire, and oral interviews. Analytical techniques comprising of simple tables, percentages and Chi Square were also used. The target population were management and relevant staffs, customers and distributors in the selected company.
Findings and conclusion:
The study found that sales men encounter varying problems, which range from ordinary sales related problems in such areas as prospecting, presentation, objection handling and so on, to management problem such as arbitrary increase in prices. From other department which render vital complementary and ancillary service to the sales department such as delivery and maintenance services.
It was also observed that low educational qualification of most sales force adversely on productivity.
It was also observed that training, incentives pay schemes and management assistance in solving sales related problems act as motivators to sales people.
It was observed also that allowing salesmen participate in setting standards is among relevant ways of controlling the sales force.
In conclusion, adequate motivation is seen as necessary for an enhanced sales force productivity.



The word motivation comes from Latin word movere, which means to move. It is a general term that refers to all those inner forces such as desires, drives or motives, wishes and so forth which kindle, direct and sustain behaviour towards a goal. To be able to motivate people, managers must do those things that satisfy these forces so as to induce individuals to perform.
Over the years many psychologist and scholars have put forth several theories of motivation. Most of these theories have contributed in various ways in bordering management understanding of the forces that move people towards accomplishing goals and objectives. And many of the available theories of motivation are (Maslows Hierarchy of needs theory, Herzberg’s two-factor theory of motivation, Douglas McGregor. Etc.
In an attempt to evaluate and break the complexity in the process of motivation this call for the study of “the effect of sales force motivation on productivity” with Emenite, Enugu as a case study.
Emenite Limited is one of the biggest companies in Enugu State and it also has a large number of employees.
The Emenite Company is an incorporated registered company in Nigeria. The company was incorporated in 1961 as limited liability Company with the name Tuiners Asbestos Nigeria Limited. Due to the indigenization decree of 1976, 22nd March the name was changed to Turners Building Producing Company Limited Emene.
In July 1988, the name was later changed to Emenite Limited due to change in Ownership with Foreign partners. When talking about the location of this company Emene is the Headquarter, the company has about four branches. Enugu, Lagos, Sapele and Kano Nigeria.
The company specializes in production of
• Fibre roofing sheet called fibre-corrugated sheet.
• Celling board of various sizes and thickness
• Roofing sheet of various sizes thickness and types.
• Pipes for water supply (Building material)
• Tanks, Sinks.
• Flowerpots.

Some of the problems observed in Emenite Limited Enugu are stated below. But for more understanding and clarity, we will summaries the major problems of motivation in Nigeria with more attention to Emenite Enugu.
• The management inability to describe properly the task to be performed by the sales force (inadequate job description and job analysis)
• Lack of adequate training given to sales force. The newly recruited salesmen are not given adequate sales training before pushing them to the field to go and sell for the company.
• The sales force in most cases suffers from low moral. This can be caused as a result of discovering for themselves the true position of thongs in the field.
• Due to the present economic and numerous sitting of sales people, there is increase rate of dishonesty and disobedience amongst the salesmen who are doing everything to survive the hard times.
• There is also the problem of the second tier foreign exchange market (SFEM) flexibility or rather variation in terms of the company importation of its roofing sheet (product). At times it could be revealed in one questionnaire.
The possible outcomes of this problem can be traced to changes in the relation to 4ps (price, place, product, and promotion).

Since the turn of twentieth century, the phenomenon of motivation has been the subject of considerable and extensive study of theorists and researchers in a number of disciplines. Over this span of time, a number of distinct perspectives or approaches evolved in an attempt to assess the development of motivation theory on productivity has been favourable.
The study has a broad objectives of investigating, the effect of motivation on sales force productivity in Emenite company Limited Enugu State.
The specific objectives are stated as follows:-
1. To identify the various causes of low productivity of the sales force in Emenite Limited.
2. To improve understanding on the nature and role of sale person.
3. To determine the relationships between job satisfaction, motivation and productivity.

Taking the stated research objectives in due consideration, the following hypothesis have been formulated.
Ho: Emenite staffs are not satisfied with the rate of
cash incentives presently adopted.
Hi: Emenite staffs are satisfied with the rate of cash
incentives presently adopted.
Ho: Emenite staff are not satisfied with management
staff relationship.

H2: Emenite staff are satisfied with management
staff relationship.
H2: Factors of motivation adopted by the management of Emenite Limited does not yield higher productivity.
H3: Factors of motivation adopted by the management of Emenite Limited which yield higher productivity.
Ho: Training of Emenite sales force enhance productivity.
H4: Training of Emenite sales force those not enhance productivity.

The basic task of a manager is to create and maintain an environment in which employees will find personal satisfaction to be induced to contribute effectively towards and goals. The key action is how to get employees encouraged or motivated in order for them to increase their effort in order to enhance high productivity which will in turn yield higher talking about how to motivate employees but the issue on ground is practicalising it. As a result of doing this worked will be motivated to add more effort in the accomplishment of company’s objectives and goals. Hence this research work of getting across to organisations the most important action employed to increase productivity and also coming out with a recommendation on how best workers productivity in Emenite can be improved after careful examination of the nature of incentive that best appeals to employees of labour in this era.

The research is focused on sales force motivation and its effect on productivity, sequel to this, typical organization (Emenite Limited in Emene Enugu State, has been selected for study. Since the study focuses mainly on sales people, the target population is salesmen and sales manager.
This study will look at the sale job and some programmes or measures designed to motivate the sales force in a typical production and sale force, training the sales force evaluating the performance of the sales force to their supervision. Furthermore, formulating sales force objection and task and establishing sales force structure and size.

MOTIVATION:- According to Igboeli, management (19:6,137) motivation is a general term that refers to all those inner forces such as desires, drives or motives, wishes and so forth, which kindle, direct and sustain behaviour toward a goal.
MOTIVE: It is the inner state that dirsct behaviour towards goal. Igboeli (1996:138)
Koter (199:269) define need as a state of deprivation of some basic satisfaction.
JOB MOTIVATION: It means transferring sales force from one territory to another at a similar level in an organization in order to give him experience before promotion year (Chiruden 1998: 301)
Management involves getting things done through other people (Oliver 1995:99
JOB ENRICHMENT: It entails changing from some aspect of a job in order to have it satisfy more of a person higher in order needs (Kotler 1997:34).

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