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1.1       Background to the Study

Christian mentoring is essential for the development of believers within the local church. It helps Christians on their religious journey and in living out their Christian ideals by providing counsel, support, and encouragement.

Christian mentoring allows younger Christians to get insight and guidance from more seasoned Christians. Mentors can provide encouragement via sharing their own stories, teaching from the Bible, and tips for putting faith into action in daily life. This advice is especially helpful for young Christians who may be struggling with religious issues and looking for purpose in life.

Christian mentoring also helps people feel more connected to the church and its mission. It allows for the growth of meaningful connections by matching believers with role models who share their values and views. These connections allow people to feel less alone by providing them with affirmation, a sense of responsibility, and a secure environment in which to vent about their challenges and successes.

Christian mentoring not only helps individuals develop spiritually, but also strengthens churches. Volunteering, attending services, and taking part in small groups are all areas in which mentees are more likely to be actively involved in the church when they have a mentor. This kind of participation is essential to the health of any church, as it fosters an atmosphere of growth and investment in the lives of others among its members.

Christian mentoring has been proved to significantly improve many areas of people’s life. Those who had a Christian mentor, for instance, reported stronger spiritual health, pleasure with their faith, and a sense of direction in life (Smith and Snell, 2018). Christian mentoring has been linked to increased church attendance and volunteerism, according to research by Johnson et al. (2019).

Nonetheless, we must recognise that Christian mentoring is not without its own difficulties. Finding mentors who are both qualified and available to devote time and energy to mentees is a major challenge. Mentoring can be difficult to fit into a busy schedule due to modern day responsibilities like job and family. Moreover, the formation of mentoring programmes might be hampered by a lack of knowledge or understanding of the benefits of mentorship within the church community.

In conclusion, Christian mentoring is important for people’s spiritual development inside the church. It helps individuals grow as Christians and the church as a whole by providing direction, encouragement, and fellowship. Although there are obstacles to establishing a mentoring programme, the advantages outweigh them. Churches can help Christians flourish and reach their full potential by providing them with mentors.

Moreover, it is important to observe that some churches in the present day society have replaced their mentorship ministry with other activities such as evangelism, crusades, diverse prayer programmes, night vigils, empowerment programmes, conferences, seminar, to mention just a few, Robert Coleman explain the great commission in the following way:

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