Full Project – Reduction strategies of food waste in selected hotels in Nigeria

Full Project – Reduction strategies of food waste in selected hotels in Nigeria

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According to Basel Convention (1989), waste are substances or objects, which are disposed off or are intended to be disposed or are required to be disposed off by the provisions of national law.

WRAP (2008), defines food waste as food and drink thrown away that was, at some point prior to disposal, edible (eg slices of bread, apples, and meat). Food waste is waste arising from food on drinks preparation that is not, and has not been edible under normal circumstances (e.g meat bones, eggshell, tea bags).

It is also the decrease in edible food materials throughout the part of the supply chain that specifically leads to inedible by-product that were never intended for human consumption such as vegetables peels, bones and egg shells. United States Environmental Agency (2012) stated that waste reduction involves redesigning products and or changing societal patterns, concerning consumption and production of waste generation, to prevent the creation of waste.

Glossary of environmental statistics (1997), stated that “wastes are materials that are not prime products (that is products produced for the market) for which the initial user has no further use in terms of his/her own purpose of production, transformation or consumption, and of which he/she wants to dispose.

Generally, waste could be classified into liquid and solid waste. Both of them could be hazardous or poisonous to human health. It can be group further as organic, re-useable and recyclable waste. Liquid waste includes all disposal of sewage waste from hotels, homes, industries and toxic detergent that can be hazardous to human health eg the disposal of toxic detergent into the environment. Solid waste is any refuse, trash, garbage or rubbish that makes our hotel surrounding and other places like homes, industries etc uncomfortable to stay. Examples, the disposal of food waste like vegetable peels, eggshell, leftover food plastic bottles, newspapers etc. Organic waste is waste materials that come from plant and animal sources. They include food waste, fruit and vegetable peels, flower trimming and dog poop. They are biodegradable i.e they can easily break down by other organisms over time and used as manure.

The aims of this research work is to educate hotel managers and its management teams on how to reduce food waste to the minimum through the purchase of best quality of food commodities, addressing the “food waste problem” fill the knowledge gap with regards to food waste prevention and specific focus on quick service at various department of the hotel.


The objectives of this study however are:

  • To point out the major causes of food waste.
  • To know and understand the consequences of food waste.
  • To reduce food waste and generate revenue
  • To identify the waste audits.
  • To understand the benefits of minimizing food waste.


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Full Project – Reduction strategies of food waste in selected hotels in Nigeria