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This study is designed to find out the role of public in consumer acceptance of pure water in Anambra State. It retrieved how to establish and maintain mutual relationship between and organization and Rock Tama Water Industry was used as a company or reference for the study should be use to judge the activities of the company in the consumer goods industries. The researcher makes use of questionnaire which was divided into two sections.

Section A: Is for personal data collection

Section B: Is for the questionnaire consists of 20 questions collectively and they were administered to all categories of employee in the Rock Tama Pure Water Industry.

The researcher also made use of interview method and this was mainly a personnel manager. A critical examination of the data collection showed the significance of the public relation department of Rock Tama Pure Water Industry.




No matter how quantitative an organization’s offering may remain over unsold if the producers is not in the good books of the various public Calfred I. Okafor (1996).

There are no organizations whether profit oriented or non profit making venture can thrive in isolation of public relations goodwill. The role of public relation in an organization which aimed at creating good relationship, establishing understanding and good image in the eyes of organization. Recently, many companies have recognized the need to explain their activities, in order to gain public factor, support and also to correct fall impression.

The public relation serves as a form through which an organization exposes, promotes, explains its policies, in order to obtain public goodwill.

Public relation also functions primary in organization as a whole to the public. Public relation objective is directed towards the creation of better corporate image. It is however, believed that once an organization is able to create good books if its publics, that when it comes to the purchase decision time the potential buyers are likely to pack the firms product brand among various rated outlets. It is an effort of an organization to motivate people to think well of an organization in terms of buying, also to respect, support and stick to the organization in time of trouble. Organization should know what people like and do it the way they like it and finally to accord premium to interest of people in all matters, relating to the organization existence of life.

This study is designed to explore and keep afresh on the reader’s mind the role which public relations can play in consumer acceptance of pure water in Anambra State.

The basic value of the including all other relative factors that will offer audience to the study under review. The fact here is that for an organization to thrive the goodwill of its customer’s paramount and if this goodwill is deficient or adverse, consequence may arise or pose problem to the existence of an organization.

Really the inevitability of public relation, man in an organization is to improve readers digest. Nigerians are adopting to circulating formalities and procedure.

The average organization is characterized by a great deal of zigzagging pleasures from all sides and mutual sycophancy in public life and public opinions are reloaded in the mass media can often be grossly misleading. To complicate the problem, target publics are closely interwoven that they are in most cases unpredictable in the reaction to situation and events.

There are some reason why there is some much confusion and significance of public relation and why the profession is injected with too much quack and imposters. The changing social, political and economic climate accordingly call for greater expertise and professionalism in dealing with the mass media, the government, the various public which is an interviewing manner constitutes local consumers voters customer.

Public relation is not as new as it often suppose organized public relation data back (1984) when both the public relation was formed.

Most modern example belong to the new for business and governments to communicate, for instance, the house journal has been used for nearly a century and a half with covered offering of (1942) I. M. Singer and companies, Gazette of (1985), while in Britain it was published by liver brothers toward the end of the nineteenth century.

Better less was leading public relations for U. S coal and railway interest in (1906).

The author was writing and publishing new releases in (1938) when he was a teenage publicity assisted in the London store.

In Nigeria, modern public relation (P.R) is introduced on January 8th 1954 with the establishment of the ever public relation embracing, linked was propaganda. This is because, the new office was intended to present a picture of Nigerian to the outside world as well as to assist the government in an activities requiring propaganda for want of better term in one form another. Growth of the complexities of society and economic consideration.


Some problems facing the industries have been attributed to lake of offensive public activities. Among such problem are:

·        Lack of trust: Consumer lack trust or confidence on the companies. Reasons been that most companies shower them false or conceptive advertisement or advertising publicity. Poor product brand and poor services of these products.

As a result, collection of response from the consumer or user’s becomes an uphill task.

·        Poor internal relationship: This relationship between different departments in the company is very remote. This is in relation to the management and the workers.

·        There is communication gap: There is no communication between the industry and the buyers of their products, the consumer were not informed about companies, modelling and new method of using their products and companies. Most time don’t know the problem of the consumer.


There seems to be a big gap between the industry and retailer. The consumer sees industries as oppressors to hinder their progress by not carrying to adhere to consumer concept regarding advertising publicity and sales promotion for instance, interviewing questionnaire, observed as to be as tedious is climbed on Iroko tree. A whole lot of force as employed, it is not only that of forces as employed, it is not only that there is complete non-challant and individual establishment. The industry on its own part its own part is and conversely with consumer claims to sell their products.

Small business operating as small commodities where there will be demand upon peoples mental time respective power did not use the skill of professional communication for their message to be acceptable and understandable.

This type of atmosphere does not urge well for the progress of any industry. There should be mutual understanding between the companies can give information about progress and plan of companies.

No industry can fulfil their grave responsibility without the support of well informed customers.

There is a true statement because public understanding is the way by which marketing production are used especially in overcoming the portly consumers of their product.

Therefore, is aimed at enlightening how effective public relation could help in bringing the gap between companies in the importations of consumer in marketing products between the offers the company and the consumers said meaningful suggestion.


The public relation department of Rock Tama pure water industry Nnanka Anambra is not in co-existence with the institute itself and need to standardize to make the role of public relations effective.

This project on the role of public relation is Rock Tama pure water industry Nnanka is aimed at pointing out the area the public relations department has performed very well towards enhancing cordial relationship and public goodwill at the sometime expose the areas it has failed so as to know where to give helping hand. It might want to write on similar topic.

Public companies have staff, workers who need to have a cordial relationship between them and the organization in which they exist, for this goodwill to exist there must be effective public relation department, it is true that the practice of public relation properly, you must have to like people but it is much more of their shoulders.

It depicts that the function of the publication department include measuring option on that a particular product maintaining or changing it was beneficial to all organization.

In symposium, the public relation has to be department of an institution has to be public support so as to achieve the goals of maintain good internal and external relation.


The questions inherent on this study are stated as the quicker and out of research the questions are:

·        Does Rock Tama pure water industry advertise their product?

·        What type of media do they use?

·        Why does Rock Tama pure water industry prefer advertising through the above media?

·        Does the consume company with the product through advertising of other competitors?

·        Does the use of advertising increase the sales turnover?

1.6      HYPOTHESIS 1

Ho:  Advertising does not positive effective of profit of the industry.

Hi: Advertising has a positive effect on the profit of industries.

Hypothesis 2

Ho: Advertising does not increase the demand of the product by the consumer.

Hi: Public relation increase the demand of the product by the consumer.


The research work covered the entire area of Anambra metropolis. It was the consumer and research of Rock Tama water within Anambra metropolis that recovered the question.

In a pilot study, conducted before conducting other main research survey, 20 questions were being asked to consumer. In Anambra areas one out of the question is: “Do you think that having heard or seen its advertisement message of the product Rock Tama pure water.

You can make a pure chase of the new Rock Tama pure water 17 people answered No. It was discovered that their percentage relationship are: 85% for people that answered No. It is consideration of the problem stated and objective of the study enumerated that the writer propounded the follow hypothesis.


·        Public Relation: Is the deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain a mutual understanding between an organization and its public.

·        Consumer: Is an individual who purchases or has capacity to purchase goods and service offered for sale by making institution in to satisfy personal or household heeds, wants or desires consumers are sometimes called final uses.

·        Consumer Behaviour: can be defined as the activities of people engaged in actual or potential use of marking items whether products, service, information or ideas.


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