Explain how civilian rule is better than military rule

Explain how civilian rule is better than military rule

Several factors contribute to the widespread belief that civilian rule is preferable than military control. First, under civilian government, authority is vested in officially recognised representatives of the people. This makes for a more democratic society in which the will of the majority governs.

Second, stability and conflict-free leadership changes are fostered by civilian government. When the military is in charge, there are usually only a handful of people making decisions, and they may not have the public’s best interests at heart. Coups and other forms of political turmoil are possible outcomes. Elections and established political procedures under civilian rule, on the other hand, allow for peaceful changes of power.

Furthermore, under civilian governance, more attention may be paid to advancing social and economic conditions. When in power, a military regime is more likely to put emphasis on defence and security, leaving less money for other vital areas like healthcare, education, and infrastructure. More equitable growth and better quality of life are possible under civilian government because of its focus on the common good.

Protection of human rights and civil freedoms is another benefit of civilian governance. Restrictions on the rights to free expression, assembly, and the press, as well as arbitrary arrests and other violations of human dignity, are commonplace under military administration. A more inclusive and just society is possible under civilian government because of the protections of law that guarantee people’s rights and liberties.

In conclusion, there are several benefits to civilian governance versus military authority. It guarantees responsibility, fosters stability, prioritises social and economic growth, and safeguards people’s rights. Civilian government is still favoured because of its potential to promote democracy, growth, and a nation’s well-being, despite the existence of exceptions and difficulties.







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Explain how civilian rule is better than military rule