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This study was carried out by the researcher on the “influence of television advertising on consumer choice of beverage” a case study of Nestle Nigeria plc Lagos state. Some research question were administered as a guide for researcher question like , does television advertising influence brand or consumer s choice of beverages ? This research intend to identify that television advertising enhances the response of potential buyers of NESTLE product. This it does by providing information, channelization of their product distribution. The research instrument of data collected utilized in this study, were primary survey and secondary survey. The population used by the researcher consists of all the residents’ o Okija Ihiala local government which has the population of 400 people in total. A total of 40 questionnaire was administered by the researcher to the respondent of the selected are, 32 were returned .in conclusion the researcher concludes that television advertising influence consumers choice of beverage which is Nestle,. it is pertinent to state that there are other factors  like and quality that also influence consumers choice of beverages (Nestle). In the view of finding this study suggestion were made by the researcher on ways to influence on television advertising. Manufactures of Nestle among others household beverages should give priority attention to the quality and taste of their brands of beverages because it influence the consumers choice and also it is imperative the company to identify and use a particular advertising agents on television media within a specified period.



The research understudy border on the topic “influence of television advertising on consumer choice of beverage.

Advertising pervades our lives. It is impossible to read newspaper, magazine and journal or watch television, listen to radio or even travel the streets of our cities without being bombarded by commercial message our country derives benefits from information about products and services on the other said of the fenle, companies with product or service to sell, regard advertising as a service to sell. Regard advertising as a valuable and indeed indispensable marketing tool. Approximately 30% of the gross national product is currently devoted to advertisings. So advertising is a large and essential way of doing business.

Research of old see broadcast audience (TV viewer) as passive, hence they propound the passivity theory bullet theory which states the media has a powerful theory and effect it has immediate impact  on them  . However, later research has proved otherwise.

It is true that “some kind of communication on some kind of product brought to the attention of some kind of people under some kind of effect according to Berelson and Nwosu(2005:4) this does not mean that the audience is not product.

Television advertisement have been found to be of immense benefit business organization involves them with advertisement in order to create awareness about their product and service and boost sales,.

By definition advertising as the advertising, practitioners council of Nigeria (APCON) defines it as a form of communication through media about product services, or ideas paid by an identified sponsor Ozoh (2002:1) Fletcher (2001) opines.” It is the disseminating of sales, message through purchase time and space.       The authors of contemporary advertising Bores and Aren (2003) defines it as the non personal communication of information usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature about a product, service or ideas by an identified sponsor through the various media.

Furthermore, advertising is a form of communication through the media about products, services, ideas, personalities or organization, paid for by an identified sponsor. It is also a profession, a body of reminisce involved in the conceptualizations, planning, creating, packaging and placing of advertisement in the media.

Among other vital functions, advertising plays a major information role, making known available product an service to the intending consumer and offering the products and service as attractive possible. Thus enabling the consumer to make a choice.

Wright and Warner (2005:2) opines that “Advertising has the unique function to create differentiation among product brands and service that are otherwise difficult to distinguish.

Advertising of a particular product fails to live up to the expectations of the consumer will be effective and thus will not exert any influence.

How true is the above assertion? To what extent do these television and advertisement influence audience? Hence the relevance of this study’s ? Influence of television advertising on consumers choice of beverage.


Nestle food was started by Hemri Nestle in the mid-eighteenth century in his bid to find alternative to breast milk for babies whose mother could not nurse in order to reduce immortality. Nestle Nigeria plc commenced operations in 1961  and was listed on the Nigerian stock exchange on April 20, 1979 the company also began full scale  operation in Australia.

It was incorporated as a private company in Nigeria as food specialties Nigeria ltd it became a public  company in 1978 they also merged with Henri magi s whose company created powdered soups and bouillon cubes, sources and flavoring using legumes statistic depicts the total number of nestle employees worldwide from 2008 to 2016. In 2011, nestle employed approximately 32000 people around the world. Nestle is a multinational consumer goods company headquarter in vevey.


The primary aim of every business organization is to make profit and this profit is achieved through the patronage of the class of people through business the issues that prompt this research project included.

1.          Consumers do not find pleasure in watching television advert.

2.          The firm do not make the brand name synonymous with quality

3.          The firm has no statistical data of consumers who watch or listen to their advert.


The following are objectives of the work

1.  To find out if television advertising has any influence on consumer choice of beverages

2.  To find out if they see brand name brand synonymous with quality

3.  To find out the number of people that watch television advertising.


1.  Does television advertising influence brand or consumers choice of beverage?

2.  Does consumer see brand name is synonymous with quality

3.  How does masses view television advertising


The essence of television advertising is to influence consumer in decision making on other choice of beverage based on what they what.

This study is relevant for advertising agencies and the media who sees the need to receive and disseminate television advert to the public. Also, the study would help researchers and other scholars in ascertaining the influence or effect of television advertising on brand choice of audience it will help audience in the selection of product?


The study set out to x-ray the influence of television advertising on consumer choice of beverage. Areas covered by his research work include Nestle Nigeria plc industrial avenue llupeju Lagos metropolis


The under listed terms are defined with their usage in the study.

1.  Influence: Is the indirect power over something it could be as a result of something.

2.  Television: Is a piece of electrical equipment with a screen on which you can watch adverts with sound and moving pictures.

3.  Advertisement: It refers to any paid sponsored massage, which is disseminated through the media and aim at informing purchase a product or service.

4.  Consumer: A person who buys and use s finished   goods and service.

5.  Choice: Refer to the selection of something among possible alternatives

6.  Beverages: Refers to any  liquid that is drunk for food or pleasure

7.  Advertising budget:  Is the amount of money which is spent on advertising of the product to promote it.

8.  Demand stimulation: Refers to advertising messages that promote the merits of an entire.

9.  Advertising agency: Is a service based on advertising business dedicated to creating planning and handling advertising and sometimes other forms in a promotion.

10.            Promotion mix: Is a specific combination o promotional method used for one product.

11.            Production: The act of making or creating something

12.            Customer : One who purchase or receive a product or service from a business

13.  Brand loyalty: A positive feeling to ward. A brand and dedication to purchase the same product or service repeatedly now in the future from the same brand regardless of a competitors action or changes in the environment.

14.  Competitive advertising: Is an effort by at least one company to create a contrast between its product and the same or similar products offering by competitors.

15.  Target product: A particular group of people, identified as the intended recipient of an advertisement or message

16.  Media: Means an institution for publicing and broadcasting information

17.  Information: The systematic imparting of knowledge, education, training

18.  Persuasion: A strongly held conviction on opinion or belief

19.  Brand: A name, symbol, logo or other item used to distinguish a product service or it provider.

20.  Advertising: Communication whose purpose is to influence potential customers about product   and services.


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