Full Project – Effects of labour management in building construction site

Full Project – Effects of labour management in building construction site

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Human resource management is of strategic importance when it comes to industries that are labour intensive like construction industry. The effective management of human resource is the key towards achieving the high construction workforce productivity thus accomplishing the construction projects within their predefined limits. The bond between motivation and productivity is widely accepted and of high significance as well. The relationship between motivation and productivity can be summarized as that productivity is directly linked to motivation and motivation is in turn dependent on productivity. Suitable motivation of labour can be hypothesized as a key contributor to maximize workers productivity.

Workers need motivation just as equipments need fuel                   and operators. Motivation is a process which activates                          productivity.   In   order   to   effectively manage the human                                                                                                                                                                   resources and to make sure that workforce is productive enough, it is necessary to understand those factors which have edge over others for motivating the construction workforce. In this study, the potential of organizational economic factors will be studied for motivating employees. There were several studies which explored the relationship between motivational factors and construction workforce productivity around the globe but there was a scarcity of  thus work in local environment of Nigeria. The construction industry plays an important role in the development of the economy of the country. Construction industry is an area influenced by many different factors such as labour, materials, equipment and construction methods, etc. Among these factors human resources come first without which other resources would not be utilized into productive use. Any improvement in labour productivity would contribute a great deal to the improvement of the overall productivity. The motivation concept is generally defined as a compositio of powers and mechanisms which help to direct human behavior in a desired manner or with a more specific context it is described as the all convincing and encouraging actions which help workers fulfill their task willingly and to come closer to project objectives. Motivation of the labour force is of paramount importance because the quality of human performance at the work place depends largely upon motivation and productivity i.e. higher motivation brings higher productivity. According to most researchers, there is a positive relationship between motivation and productivity. This   means   that   when   motivation   increases,   a   rise   in productivity is also expected. This reflects the belief that and increased motivation level causes an increase in productivity. Achieving the results demand that an adequate quality of inputs is provided in this first place and improved construction workforce. Productivity means a better input and thus it will help contractors to be more competent and profitable while executing their jobs.


Construction companies exist for the purpose of                    rendering some services. For the organization to meet its objectives, people are employed in the organization to meet                        its objectives, people are employed in the organization in                    order to help the organization meet its objectives. Thus in order to ensure that people employed in the organization perform optimally towards the realization of organizational goals, they need to be motivated to work.

Motivating people to work entails meeting their needs.      There is a great controversy over the issue of motivating people. Some people are of the view that such extrinsic                      factors like money, praise and quality of supervision and companies’ policy can motivate people to work while others              are of the view that such extrinsic factors like advancement quality of the job done by person, recognition and growth                     can motivate workers to productivity. It is in view of these controversies that this study wants to look at the motivation            of employees in the organization by using Marlum construction company, Oraifite, Anambra state as a case study.




1.3.1      AIM OF THE STUDY

The aim of this project or write up is to ensure that the best of employees are brought to line through motivation and schemes and. also to see that the project is accomplished within specific time and budget and that the builder will remain relevant and productive in national development.


This   research work hopes   to   achieve   the   following


  1. To examine the factors which motivate workers to perform in the construction industry.
  2. To analyze various techniques of motivating workers in order to achieve optimum output.
  3. To ascertain the effect of motivation of labour on cost and time overrun.
  4. To eradicate problems associated with poor motivation of workers on construction site.


This   study   will   educate   the   management   of   the organization (especially construction companies in Owerri L.G.A. in Imo State) on how to motivate their workers to achieve productivity on site. The findings of this study will   generate people’s interest in researching into other   areas of motivation in the organization will enrich people knowledge.

It would give more insight to contractors on how to manager workers effectively on site.

It would be a useful research material for students who would need it for research work.

in this area of organizational behavior and management of people in the organization.




It is in view of the above problems that the following questions arise;

  1. What are the factors that motivate workers to perform in the construction industry of Nigeria?
  2. What are the various techniques that drive optimum output for workers?
  3. What are the effects of motivation of workers on cost and time overrun?
  4. What are the problems associated with poor motivation of workers on construction site?


The following hypothesis will be tested in the study:                        1. The   quality   of   supervision   will    motivate worker’s productivity.

  1. A worker’s perception   of   what   is   obtained   in   his organization will motivate him to greater productivity.
  2. A worker’s perception of organizational appraisal policy will not motivate him to greater productivity.
  3. The worker’s satisfaction with its fringe will benefit and motivate him to greater productivity.


This study is on the evaluation of the effect of labour management   in   building   construction   site   in Owerri L.G.A., Imo State. The study will also cover the various techniques or motivation and theories of motivation as they impact on employees productivity in an organization.


In construction site, there are various types/forms of project being carried out by construction companies. This study will be limited only on building projects. It means labour management techniques/principles will be applied to building projects.




  1. Human Resources:   All   inclusive   of persons to be productively employed sooner or later.
  2. Human Resources Management (HRM): Refers to the decision about deployment and treatment of personnels taking line units as well as personnel specialist HRM implies an approach which recognizes that employees are only one group among several such as customers and shareholders who have a claim on the resources of the organization.
  3. c. Learning: A   process   by   which   individuals   acquire knowledge, understanding, skill and values and are usually described in terms of demonstrable behaviors, (evidence of learning) often described as deductive or inductive learning.
  4. Productivity: It is an average measure of the efficiency of production.  It can be expressed as the ratio of output to input used in the production process.
  5. Motivation: It is the theoretical construct used to explain behavior. It represents the reasons for peoples actions, desires and needs. It can also be defined as ones direction to behavoiurs or what cause a person to want to repeat a behavior and vice versa.


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Full Project – Effects of labour management in building construction site