Full Project – Strength properties of fiber reinforced concrete produced from demolition waste

Full Project – Strength properties of fiber reinforced concrete produced from demolition waste

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1.0                                                  INTRODUCTION

1.1       Background of the Study

The use of recycled aggregate in concrete opens a whole new range of possibilities in the reuse of materials in the building industry. The utilization of recycled aggregate is a good solution to the problem of excess of waste material, provided that the desired final product in quality is reached (Prasad, 2007). This reduces the consumption of natural resources as well as the consumption of landfills required for waste concrete (Rathish, 2007). Recycling is the act of processing the used materials for use in creating new product (Sagoe, 2001). The usage of material aggregate is getting more and more intense with the advanced development in infrastructure area (Sagoe, 2001). Technology today has advanced so fast, that is forcing use to think of new concept called sustainability (Forster, 1986).

To employ recycled aggregate derived from the concrete waste in reinforced concrete structure properties as compression resistance recycled aggregate water absorption ratio recycled aggregate crushing resistance and concrete modulus of elasticity can give away important information on understanding the mechanical behavior and provide indication of new products rehabilitee(Hker,2004). The use of fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) has increased in the building structures because; the reinforced fiber in concrete may improve the toughness tensile strength, compression strength (Topeu, 1995).

The properties of fibers that are usually of interest are fiber concentrations, fiber geometry, fiber orientation and fiber distribution. (Mehmet, 2007). Filament fiber has various applications in concrete like crack control, prevent coalescence of cracks and changes the behavior of materials by bridging the fibers across the cracks. (Mehmet, 2007).

1.2      Statement of the Problem

The environment is littered, whenever there is alteration, repairs, renovation, and rehabilitation and often collapsed building, causes hazards to the environment, which can lead to accidents and delay of construction work in the site, on this topic strength properties of fiber reinforced concrete produced from demolition waste, will now utilize demolition waste and bring it to use in construction work.

1.3       Aims and Objective of the Study

The aim of this study is to access the suitability of filament fiber reinforced concrete produced from demolition waste.

Objectives of this Study

  1. To determine the compressive strength of filament fiber reinforced concrete.
  2. To access the tensile strength of filament fiber reinforced concrete.
  • To determine the particle size distribution of the all in aggregate (waste).
  1. To determine the relationship between the tensile and compressive strength.

1.4       Justification for the Study

Researchers such as Prasad 2007, Rathish 2007, Sagoe2001, Forster 1986, Hker 2004, Topeu 1995 and Mehmet 2007, has carried out some extensive work making use of glass fiber and polypropelen, as a properties of fiber reinforced concrete produced from building demolition waste. However none of this researcher has carried out work on the use of only filament fiber called yarn rope. It is on this base of this that this influence of the strength of properties of fiber reinforced concrete produced from demolition waste with a view to determine its suitability.

1.5       Scope of the Study

These  covers the use of recycled aggregate known as all aggregate and fiber reinforced concrete to replace pure sand, cement and gravel in other to produce concrete and also to achieve same strength with that of normal concrete

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Full Project – Strength properties of fiber reinforced concrete produced from demolition waste