The Major Ethnic Tribes in Benin, EDO State

The Major Ethnic Tribes in Benin, EDO State

Benin is a state in southern Nigeria that’s home to a diverse collection of peoples. Edo, Esan, and Afemai are Benin’s three most populous indigenous people groups.

The Edo are Benin’s most numerous and widespread ethnic group, settling largely in the state’s middle and south. Among their many historical and cultural achievements is the legendary Benin Kingdom. The Edo have a rich history of cultural expression via art, craftsmanship, and celebrations like the Igue Festival.

An other sizable Beninese ethnic group, the Esan are concentrated in the region’s northeast. They value learning and farming highly, and their language and culture are easily distinguishable. The Ugie-Esan festival is just one example of the Esan people’s storied legacy of folk dance, music, and celebration.

The Afemai, also known as the Etsako, inhabit the northern region of Edo State. Different from the other ethnic groups in the state, the Yanomamo have their own language and cultural practises. Farmers and fishermen together count among the Afemai’s most recognisable occupations.

Even though these three groups make up the bulk of Benin’s population, the state is home to a wide variety of other ethnic groups and tribes, each with its own set of values and customs.





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The Major Ethnic Tribes in Benin, EDO State