Full Project – An empirical study of the security consciousness of guesthouses in Nigeria

Full Project – An empirical study of the security consciousness of guesthouses in Nigeria

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Security can be defined as the degree of resistance to or protection from harm. It applies to any vulnerable and valuable asset such as a person, dwelling, community, nation or organization.

A guesthouse is a house or an apartment that provides lodging facilities and sometimes meals (e.g. breakfast) to visitors or guests. That is, accommodation services are their major mode of operation. A guesthouse presents some major benefits such as personalized attention, healthy and home-made meals, quietness, modern design etc.

Security consciousness is a state of being aware of not being placed in a condition of being threatened (Oxford English Dictionary, 2001). The individual is assured of his safety and freedom. Security consciousness prevents so many crimes (which may endanger people lives and properties) from occurring. It also discourages criminals from participating in unlawful acts because they tend to realize that they are so many measures and gadgets that can be used in unfolding their criminal acts. When they are being executed.A general practice by all individuals/ citizens and organizations in a country. This is so because the government of that particular country tend to budget less on security and focus more on other challenging needs of its citizens.

The practice of security has positive effect not only on the guesthouses but generally in the country as a whole. It protects an individual or organizations from the wrath of intruders, it generates peace in a country, people are able to move freely and identify a fraudster because of the knowledge of security being impacted in them. Above all, it encourages growth and development in the country.

In the guesthouses, guests and staff are rest assured that their lives and properties are safe when there is presence of tight security. This increases high patronage in the guesthouses. Thus, huge profit is being made by the guesthouses because of the presence of security.

Security should be the first priority of any guesthouse in order to ensure the safety of lives and property of guests that lodge in the guesthouses. On the contrary due to ignorance of most guesthouses, staff pays less attention in rendering services to guests and this creates room for different kinds of crime in the guesthouses. Examples of such crimes are fraud committed by staff, burglary and theft which has motivated the researcher to explore the study of security consciousness of guesthouses in Bida town.

Most staff of the guest houses in Bidadoes not have the knowledge about certain security measures required because most of them are secondary school holders. Thus, the researcher wants to introduce and create awareness and recommend some of the new modern gadgets in Bida town. This will guarantee the safety of guest lives and properties thereby freeing them from threats and harm. In addition, it will move guests to repeat visit to such guesthouses which may promote higher patronage and maximize higher profit.



Many guesthouses in Bida town seems to be facing many challenges in checking unknown criminals who go out to carry out operations and are often traced back to their lodging guesthouses accommodation. Thus, this interests the researcher in proffering the most suitable security gadgets to be used in Bida guesthouses.



The objectives of this research work are;

  1. To investigate the security measures practiced in Bida guesthouses.
  2. To enumerate security gadgets being used in Bida guesthouses.
  3. To investigate other new measures or practices that can be applied to solve security threats in the guesthouses.



  1. What are the security measures being practiced in Bida guesthouses?
  2. What are security gadgets being used in Bida guesthouses?
  3. What are the other new measures or practices that can be applied to solve security threats in the guesthouses in Bida town?



Hypothesis is the researcher best quest or suggested solution on the highly probable relationship between two or more variable in which one variable influence the other. They are statements of facts that needs to be evaluated to ascertain their authenticity.

This research work tends to consider two forms of hypothesis, which are null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis.

H0:      The gadget in guest houses do not reduce the rate of crime

H1:      The gadget in guest houses reduce the rate of crime


This study is of importance to all owners of guesthouses in Bida as it will proffer solutions in combating security challenges being faced by guests and staff in Bida town.


This research work will cover areas on the security practices and security gadgets being used in combating security challenges experienced in Bida guesthouses.


The study was limited to the rate or the level of security consciousness by guesthouses in Bida town.



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Full Project – An empirical study of the security consciousness of guesthouses in Nigeria