Full Project – Evaluate the service delivery and customer satisfaction in hospitality industry

Full Project – Evaluate the service delivery and customer satisfaction in hospitality industry

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post for travelers and station for courier were set up in china. However the hospitality industry has it roots in the century old tradition of in-keeping (Jone 1996) and experienced growth in recent years. It recorded between 1990 and 2017, a growth of over 50% globally (Brother Ton 2018).

According to Shweta S. (2013), in the United Kingdom the term ‘hotel and catering’ was widely preferred until 1990’s, the term ‘hospitality’ was imported from United State of America and then it gained global prominence. Collins concise English dictionary plus defines hospitality as “kindness in welcoming strangers on guest”.

The first hotel in Nigeria is Lagos Airport Hotel (Curzon and Jones,2000) It was established with five rooms in 1942. However in the month the foundation laying ceremony of the first hotel was laid by the premier of northern region in 1964.

Liyafa Palace hotel was established in the year. Research has shown that guest satisfaction is heavily influenced by service factors such as employee attitude and the pacing and order of services provided. It found that the greater the client satisfaction, the higher the revenues for a given hospitality business, and that service plays a far greater role than price and location in the guest-purchase decision (Cornell Hospitality Research, 2012).

In the hospitality industry, the success or failure of our businesses and destinations depends on service. Some, however, deliver consistently higher levels of Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an experience of feeling valued or heard. Sometimes it’s an intangible component of why a guest may prefer one hospitality provider over another. There is something about quality Customer satisfaction that you often can’t put your finger on — but you know it’s there. And it’s a critical factor for hospitality success, both as a means of satisfying ever-increasing customer expectations, and as a way to achieve business profitability (Erdly & Kesterson-Townes, 2002).

Customer satisfaction is the internal feelings of every individual which may be satisfaction or dissatisfaction resulting from the assessment of services provided to an individual in context to customer’s anticipation by an organization Hotels are continuously trying to improve the service just to satisfy their customer because higher customer satisfaction will leads towards customer loyalty.

Customer satisfaction remains an integral part of delivering on Liyafa Palace Hotels marketing promises to guests. It intended to differentiate the province as a destination in a global market filled with competitors. Successful execution of this strategy will depend on how well employers and their staff provide quality customer service, focusing on the importance of the “human element” in the customer.

Employers and managers indicated that Customer satisfaction skills were one of the most significant issues. Employers and human resources managers were most concerned with employee skills and training related to personal development, hospitality /hospitality knowledge, computer and communication skills.

1.2     Statement of the Problem

Unfortunately, due to the seasonal nature of many hospitality positions, and limited access to affordable and accessible training, the industry isn’t always able to take advantage of this position (Blanke & Chiesa, 2009), as it can be difficult to attract, train, and retain reliable and qualified staff year-round.

Another problem is that if a business fails to meet customer expectations, there’s a risk the customer will tell others about it, often through social media networks. An on-location problem that turns into an online complaint, going from private to public, can become far more damaging to business than the original issue. To avoid any problem from escalating, organizations and staff must work hard to resolve issues before the customer walks out the door — or pulls out a smartphone to make an online posting.

1.3     Aims and Objectives of the Study

The aim of this research is to evaluate the service delivery and customer satisfaction of Liyafa Palace Hotels, Katsina.

Specific Objectives

  1. To identify the various services offered by Liyafa Palace Hotels.
  2. To assess the quality of service delivery provided by the hotel.
  • To determine if the services provided by the hotel meet the needs and wants of their customers.

1.4     Research Questions

  1. Does Liyafa Palace Hotel offer enough variety of services to earn customers loyalty and trust?
  2. Does customer rate the quality of service by Liyafa Palace Hotel as top quality?
  3. Does Liyafa Palace Hotel offer services that meet the needs and want of their customers?

1.5     Significance of the Study

This research will be of importance to hotel proprietors both current and to those willing to established hotel in future, individual readers can make use of the work of this nature as a reference material in the future.

Otherwise the research work would by cumbersome, tedious and time draining if left open to all stakeholders.

The significance of this study to students is updating their knowledge on the subject matter.

The policy makers would be better informed about making policies that will improve the industry.

The school administration would appreciate the value of the hospitality as a course of study.

Organization would make this study reference material in their contribution to the society.

The government would be able to set the tone for growth and development of the industry having learnt of the challenges and prospect.

1.6     Scope of the Study

The scope of the study “Service delivery and customer satisfaction in hospitality industry is limited to Liyafa Palace Hotels, Katsina.

1.7     Limitation of the Study

Time Factor:- The period for the research of only two semester, time period. I made a workable time table.

Difficulty:- Material were limited to the school and neighboring schools. I visited nearby library.

Financial:- The cost of traveling to 100k for and gather materials, I research on the internet.

  • Definition of the Key Terms
  • Customer: a patron who purchases or receives a product or services from a business or merchant
  • Satisfaction: Is fulfillment of a need or desire.
  • Service: Is an action or work that is produced,then traded, bought or sold then finally consumed.
  • Delivery: the act of conveying something.
  • Customer lifetime value (CLV): a view of customer relationships that looks at the long-term cycle of customer interactions, rather than at single transactions
  • Customer orientation: positioning a business or organization so that customer interests and value are the highest priority
  • Service recovery:what happens when a Customer satisfaction professional takes actions that result in the customer being satisfied after a service failure has occurred
  • SERVQUAL: a technique developed to measure service quality


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Full Project – Evaluate the service delivery and customer satisfaction in hospitality industry